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What Does Tenant Representation Mean to You?

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Bradley Scott CRE’s brokers can help you negotiate the best deal

One of the biggest hurdles faced by business owners is understanding how to find the right space for their business, and how to negotiate the best deal possible once you’ve found the right space.

Fortunately, Bradley Scott CRE is here to help!

When a tenant contacts one of our brokers, they can save time, energy, and most importantly money, by letting us do the “leg work” for you. With a short, 10-minute phone call, we can gather all the information about your business needs, and help to determine the best type of location for your specific business.

Looking for a high-profile office space? A retail location with lots of drive-by traffic? Or how about an industrial space for your manufacturing, service, or distribution business?

We’ve got you covered. Why spend hours driving around calling off property signs, only to find out they don’t have the size of space you need, or the price is too high? We can use our extensive relationships with property owners and other brokerages to quickly identify the properties which currently have space available in your size and price range.

After a quick review of the market, we will send you a comprehensive list of properties that meet your needs. After reviewing our preliminary findings, we can help you make a “short list”, and set up a time to tour the locations you like the best.

Once we’ve found the right property, our negotiation expertise comes into play, as we leverage the landlord’s desire to fill up their vacant space into the best possible lease terms. We have decades of experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of market conditions. By working with one of our brokers you are sure to get the best deal.

Once we’ve negotiated the terms of the contract, we will review the lease agreement (alongside your attorney) to help make sure nothing “sneaky” has been slipped in. Following your review and signature of the lease documents, we continue to stay involved right up until we put the keys into your hands.

So how do we get paid?

Great question, and one that many tenants don’t fully understand. In most commercial real estate leases, the landlord has already committed to paying his broker a commission based on a percentage of the lease value. However, in most cases, that broker has already agreed to split that commission with the tenant’s broker. Yes, that means that you get all the benefits of experienced, professional representation at absolutely no cost whatsoever!

So, the next time you or one of your friends or family is considering opening a new business, or growing an existing business, do yourself a favor and contact Bradley Scott first. We will save you time and money along the way to finding the right space, at the right price, for your business – every time.

Commercial Real Estate Owners Be Free and Make Money at the same time!

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