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Real Estate Investing is True Wealth

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Cameron Wilson

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‘Buy land. They ain’t making any more of this stuff. – Will Rogers

Owning real estate is an excellent way to preserve, if not grow, one’s wealth.

While it can certainly be subject to the whims of the market, real property, unlike stocks or other investment vehicles, will never be worthless.
That said, you still need to be aware of some of the intricacies of buying land. Factors such as timber, water, mineral rights, possible contamination, and zoning issues are all invisible to the naked eye, while still having a significant impact on the value of an investment.
Ideally, a quality land investment will have never been built on, yet is still ‘in the path of future development.’ To me, this means things like buying property close to freeway interchange or on major thoroughfares. Generally speaking, the ‘higher’ the zoning the better it is and easier to downzone than it is to upzone. Buying a parcel with a more intensive use allows for greater flexibility down the road, which translates to a larger pool of potential uses and users, which in turn means better preservation or growth of value.
Lastly, many investors like to put their wealth into a tangible investment. With land, there is no doubt about what it is that you own. You can go visit your investment, touch it, feel it. It offers more peace of mind than sending your money off to Wall Street where forces outside of your control can erase years of hard work in an instant.
Land is and always has been an excellent investment for long term preservation and growth of wealth. Email me today for a quick review of your family’s financial position and goals to see if a land investment would be a good addition to your portfolio.

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