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Prepare your Kitsap Peninsula commercial property for winter now, while the weather is nice.

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Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate Staff Writer • Aug 24, 2022

Prepare from the inside, working out and up:

You know our Puget Sound winter weather is on the horizon. Summers here are gorgeous. But fall and winter bring rain, rain, snow, and more rain. Just like preparing your home, take steps to protect your commercial property through the long cloudy winter. Precautions you take now can save money and headaches in the months ahead. Start now with our quick commercial property pre-winter checklist.

Prepare from the inside, working out and up:

1.   HVAC and Plumbing: The COVID pandemic reminded us all of the importance of proper air filtration. Replace your filters quarterly unless the manufacturer’s guidelines or building use suggests even more frequent swaps. Order a professional inspection of these mechanical systems before the winter season. If the property is occupied year-round, inspect the heating system thoroughly. Make repairs now; you know the tenants are going to crank up thermostat. Even if the property is vacant, keeping heaters on low can keep pipes from freezing or breaking. This small heating expense will cost less than an expensive pipe replacement and potential for a huge water damage restoration project caused by a burst pipe which goes undetected.

2.   Windows and Doors: Are all entrances sealed and secured? Cracks and drafts can cost hundreds of dollars in unneeded energy each month. Replace any windows that show wear and re-seal all the openings. Adding deadbolts and padlocks to entrances and gates can also protect against burglars if your property is vacant. Missing or damaged flashings, caulk, and door sweeps can result in huge energy loss and major property damage which can be easily prevented with some basic care now.

3.   Lighting and Power: Winter brings shorter days and more cloud cover. Indoor and outdoor lighting improves commercial property safety and security. Extra indoor lighting combats seasonal affective disorder; be sure to replace any burned-out bulbs. Reassess your exterior lighting, especially around entrances and in parking lots. Consider investing in lights with sensors that come on at dusk and when movement is detected. The economic loss if your tenants don’t have power can be significant. Consider investing in backup power generators to keep the building safe and tenants working even if ice storms knock out the power.

4.   Exterior and Parking: Winterize your landscaping by trimming trees and shrubs, removing leaves and debris, and cutting grass down to 2 inches. Shut off, drain, and purge irrigation systems, especially if they are shallow buried. Inspect the outside of your building for cracks, rot, rust, and missing seals. Clear snow and ice from the parking lot and sidewalks quickly to prevent slips and falls. This promotes tenant and visitor safety and comfort, but also reduces lawsuits which result from accidents.

5.   Roof and Gutters: Check your roof for damage and loose shingles. Check fascias and flashings for cracks, rot, and corrosion. Inspect your gutters; ensure they are secured to the building and clear of debris. Clearing clogged gutters can prevent ice dams from forming on top of your building creating excessive weight and water which the structure isn’t designed to handle. Clear the roof after every snowfall.

Commercial properties are major investments. Protect your property, and the safety, health, and comfort of your tenants, with this winter checklist. When you need someone to manage and care for your commercial real estate investment, you can trust our team. Protecting investment property owners from potential liabilities is a critical outcome of Bradley Scott’s proactive maintenance program for our managed properties.

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