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Moss Attacks: Prevention is the cure

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Cameron Wilson

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Fighting off lichen is a year-round issue for commercial properties

Every winter here in the Pacific Northwest when the rain starts its months-long deluge, something terrible begins to stir.

No, it’s not Sasquatch. OK, maybe it’s also Sasquatch, but this monster is seen almost everywhere!

Yes, it is that slippery, fast-growing nuisance we know as moss.

While aesthetically beautiful in its more natural setting, the Olympic rainforest, it’s not welcome on commercial property.

Moss can actually be a huge liability for commercial property owners if it’s allowed to get out of control. Failure to address slippery walking areas on commercial property can create a liability if someone were to slip and fall. Regardless of how the insurance companies and courts determine who is ultimately at fault, the important thing is that the whole fiasco could have been avoided entirely with a few hours of preventative maintenance.

Bradley Scott’s property managers have put in place a comprehensive moss management plan to keep the green stuff at bay year-round. If addressed early enough, oftentimes a quick pressure-washing of the affected areas will suffice as the moss’ roots have not yet fully adhered to the concrete or asphalt below. But if left unaddressed for long enough, the moss can bind itself to the surface so well that even a pressure washing isn’t enough.

In times like these, we rely on our vendors to apply just the right amount of chemicals to kill the moss without over-application, which can come with its own set of environmental concerns.

Moss maintenance and abatement is more than just an aesthetic issue — it’s a safety and liability issue. Keeping investment property owners away from potential liabilities is one aspect of Bradley Scott’s managers proactive maintenance for our managed properties.

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