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How Your Property Manager Works For You

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Selecting Tenants

Careful marketing and tenant selection provides different types of safety. Your building and your reputation can be damaged by bad tenants.

We work hard to understand who would fit your property before promoting it. Then we choose from the pool of applicants and ideal tenants.

Transparent Fees & Reporting

Over 4 decades of experience in commercial property management gives Bradley Scott Real Estate the proven system our clients depend on.

More recent addition of our modern client/tenant portal system provides great piece-of-mind. Tenants are able to submit their payments automatically. Those are then accounted for professionally. And finally, you as a building owner, can see the exact status of each building, tenant and much more.

Expertise & Experience

The time we spend walking through a potential new client’s building is very important. We need to know the inside, outside and neighborhood. Then we can give you, the client, advice on the right strategy for finding great tenants, dealing with current tenants, managing the property, organizing contractors and  helping plan out the move-in and move-out so everyone is happy.


Local media is great for part of the promotion of your leasable commercial property. Conversations with business leaders are part of the marketing mix. Describing the property and telling the right stories to potential tenants helps then envision moving in and prospering.

Marketing is not simple. It requires real local connections and knowledge.

Maintenance On A Budget

Every investment needs to be well managed to maintain the value. Your leasable building should have tenants who are satisfied with parking; washroom upkeep; windows and carpets; utilities like power, gas and water; and safety.

Form the roofline to the foundation, there are a many systems to be considered.

Carefully scheduling of maintenance with reliable contractors takes consideration. Because each building needs individual care, we put together the maintenance plan with real thought. Then we schedule so the professional contractors time is optimized over a number of buildings.


The importance of your bank statement is never forgotten. Speed of disbursements, different types of accounts that are available, and transparent processes will ensure that you, the building owner, are fully aware of every penny.


Building utility expenses, commercial contractor’s fees, supplies, banking charges, property management fees, security costs: there is a long list of financial details.

By organizing these, paying the essentials, showing your income growth with new tenants and planning future payments, we work hard using our customized financial systems. Your accountant will appreciate the details we provide.

Legal Compliance

Knowing local bylaws, state requirements, federal statutes and other regulations comes from long experience in commercial property management. In some areas, there are important procedures to have in place so that a business district maintains its standards.

It is not easy to learn and manage the legalities of commercial property ownership. Bradley Scott Real Estate gives each of our clients full coverage to keep their building secure: legally and in their reputation.

If you would like some guidance on navigating the complexities of ownership, leasing, tenant satisfaction and other property management topics, give us a call.

Continuous Improvement

While we have over 40 years of experience in Bremerton property management, we need to stay up-to-date every day.

Our region is changing. New businesses come into the area, looking for great propertiers. We are Bradley Scott Real Estate keeping our eye on what’s right for our clients.

New technology is available. The secure portal we provide to our clients gives them visibility into the financials, maintenance, tenant relations and other factors of commercial property management.

Feedback from tenants and clients keep us aware of our performance ratings. These rating are not stars or checkmarks, they are real comments and stories. This feedback needs to be listened to, considered carefully and acting on with professionalism.

That’s why not just anyone can be a professional property manager. Our team connects with each owner, tenant, supplier and contractor in a variety of ways.

Then we plan out how we need to respond. The result needs to provide our clients with real returns on their investment and give our tenants the experience they expect.

Commercial Tenant Satisfaction

When a tenant arrives at your commercial building in the morning, there needs to be no graffiti and parking should be easy. Their safety is well taken care of, from the side walk to their leased space.

Entering the building, the air is fresh, floor and carpets are clean, hallways and stairs feel comfortable, and finally, their offices or other space has no problems.

There are many aspects to your building to be managed. And each of those variables requires proper training, expertise and experience.

One of our professional assets is communications. By being accessible 24/7, being responsive, providing clear answers and documenting the communications, our tenants know we care about them.

Their expectations are managed responsibly. By choosing the right types of tenants, we can deliver to their reasonable expectations.

What are your ideas on the right tenants for your properties? When you are choosing a property management company, you need to be as picky as our property managers – when they are considering a new tenant.

Commercial Real Estate Owners Be Free and Make Money at the same time!

You have some great properties and a stable income! But do you really want to manage every little detail? 


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