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How To Choose A Property Management Company

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How To Choose A Property Management Company

Real estate ownership and investing are complex. It’s our goal to make property management stress-free.


It’s not easy getting a license. And that’s just the start of a property manager’s career.

We like to earn our qualifications every day. Each tenant, prospective tenant and supplier requires careful thought and reliable systems.

Professional real estate investors and family property owners should have a checklist of what they expect and what they need to be answered. As property managers, we know each of our clients are different and so they all need individual service.

Neighborhood Knowledge

The staff and principals of Bradley Scott Real Estate have worked in this community for over 40 years.

We’ve seen the changes and been part of many of them. Community development is in our DNA.

We’ve worked hard to see the Kitsap County grow in the right ways, and maintain the quality. People have chosen to live and work here. We understand that.

Detailed local knowledge of each community can include which areas have great potential, new opportunities not being published, and the neighborhoods with real stability.

Within every neighborhood there are key people to know. These “connectors” are a vital part of a property manager’s contact list.


The people are the community. Maintaining relationships and building new networks is how a professional property manager will continue to be successful.

Local entrepreneurs need reliable resources. Investors need long-term security. The business of managing people’s income properties is never simple.


No one is out of touch with our property management services.

Property Owners: See the status of each of your buildings, finances, upcoming action plans and more. Through the secure portal, you have 24/7 access to this information and more.

Phone, text and email are carefully monitored. Then your enquiries, tenants’ questions, meeting requests from potential tenants, repair contractors’ quotes and other information is quickly collected, managed smoothly and acted on appropriately.


You do not have the experience that a professional property manager has.

A thousand little details need to be managed: most of those can be planned for.

Over the years, through a thousand situations, we have developed reliable ways to make sure proper results

It’s the little surprises, like a tenant starting to show signs of trouble, or a small leak in a roof, that can become expensive problems.

That’s why we carefully learn about your property. Then we define who the right tenants should be, use smart ways to attract those businesses, and work with them closely.

We Don’t Wait To Be Contacted

Responsibility means staying ahead of problems, then having clear methods to solve issues.

You will hear from us when it’s important.

And we will have answers for your concerns when you ask us.

Commercial Real Estate Owners Be Free and Make Money at the same time!

You have some great properties and a stable income! But do you really want to manage every little detail? 


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