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Commercial investors generate stability, confidence in community

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Daniel Morse

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Brand-name anchor tenants show commitment to the future of Downtown Bremerton

By Daniel Morse

Bradley Scott CRE Property Manager and Broker

My hope with posting this building that was for sale is to show the dramatic, positive affects an investor can have on a vacant building in a prime location that will benefit the community for the long term. 

This property located at 1000 6th Street in Bremerton was vacated by Bank of America when the trend to downsize or combine physical branch locations by banks hit the market a several years ago. 

According to the Kitsap County Assessor’s website, this property was purchased in 2013. It sat idle for quite some time before the owner was able to capture two anchor tenants, Kitsap Bank and Starbucks, and produced a two-sided, drive-thru building with long-term leases. At a five-percent cap rate, it will cater to a purchase-and-hold buyer who is positive about the future of downtown Bremerton. 

To the investor – the community thanks you for providing a stable and attractive building serving downtown Bremerton. 

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