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Bradley Scott Real Estate Gives Back to Bremerton YMCA in Annual Fundraising Campaign

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Bremerton-based company continues tradition of philanthropy

When the opportunity came to once again give to the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate didn’t hesitate – evoking the philanthropic nature of former company founder Tim Arnold.
It’s the second year Bradley Scott contributed to the annual fundraising campaign for the Bremerton YMCA under new owner Tiana Kleinhoff.
The reason is simple.
“The YMCA is a pivotal part of every community that they are located in,” Kleinhoff said. “Their programs invest directly in the children within these communities and the only way to make a lasting impact is just that – to invest in the children.”

The Y provides a positive place for children to be when not in school or home and offers various activities and sports and the interaction of influential role models.

“The programs that the Y offers helps them to understand the doors that are wide open for their future, doors that they may not have known about otherwise,” Kleinhoff said.

“I look back at the adults who influenced my life growing up and many of them probably don’t even know what a big impact they had on my life decisions, but I know,” she said.
Kleinhoff said she envisions Bradley Scott becoming more active in the community each year, whether it’s involvement with fundraisers, company volunteerism or having a positive influence on boards and committee policies, all furthering the legacy started by Tim Arnold.
“He led the way,” Kleinhoff said, “and every Bradley Scott team member will follow his example and find their passion for giving back.”
Kleinhoff often cites a quote by former President Theodore Roosevelt,

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Bradley Scott Commercial is a small company with a big heart and while it is a non-profit, Kleinhoff said the obligation Bradley Scott has to the community is real.

“If we don’t give back and care about the community we do business in, how can we expect them to spend their hard-earned dollars with us?”

Kleinhoff said.
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