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We Manage Your Residential Rental Investments

Bradley Scott frees up your time so you can grow your portfolio rather than spinning your wheels maintaining it.

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Rental Investment

Let us be your bad guy.

There are a lot of “professional tenants” who manipulate private landlords and know how to game the system. Remove yourself from the equation and let it be business.

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We Are Experts

How we change the game for you

Letting us be your expert doesn’t just save you money, it makes you higher rents and ensures your investment is always in compliance with the ever-changing laws.  Our regular inspections help us to detect issues before they become issues.

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    Our professionalism attracts better tenants who pay more.

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    Our client portal allows tenants easy payments, self-service reporting.

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    We have relationships with top-tier vendors who prioritize our clients.

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    We keep up on the law, saving you money.


Our satisfied customers

Our company has been a trusted name in commercial real estate since 1979.
Karen Waite
Karen Waite

I have been with Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate since 2007. Since then I have acquired seven commercial complexes in Kitsap County six of which Bradley Scott manage and lease for me.  They have always been courteous, have a good relationship with the tenants, communicate regularly and have a sense of urgency on building and tenant issues that arise. Bradley Scott is well informed on the commercial real estate market in the area.

Chemaine Rauch
Chemaine Rauch

Bradley Scott was always responsive, professional and so helpful. From the quick maintenance repairs when something popped up to the communication on projects, they handled everything with a great attitude and in a timely matter.

Diana Ward
Diana Ward

Michael is always respectful, organized, thorough and addresses concerns or issues quickly. He’s helpful, knowledgeable and readily available. Michael is an easy person to work with and communicates in a professional and effective manner.

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Our Stats

The Covid-19 Pandemic wreaked havoc on residential landlords. While many landlords are still owed months and months of backed-up rents, our clients are owed zero.


Amount of outstanding rent in WA state


Amount owed to Bradley Scott


Types of Properties

  • Single family homes

  • Multi-plexes

  • Large & Small Apartment Communities

Proactive property management


We check in on a regular schedule and stay ahead of potential issues before they become a problem.

Managing all aspects of tenancy

  • Lease-up

  • Full-Service Management

  • Renewals

  • Consulting

The Plan

Let our experts remove the burden of managing your properties from your day-to-day, so you can be free to shop for your next investment – or even better, go on vacation!

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    Create a custom plan
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    Regain control of your time
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We have the very best service providers in the area at our fingertips.

Welcome to Bradley Scott Commercial Real Estate — your resource for residential property management, brokerage and real estate services in Bremerton, WA, and the surrounding areas. We are here to make the real estate process as streamlined as possible for you as an owner. After all, your success is the foundation of our success.

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We want to make your life easier and your investments more profitable.

We know that realizing the full potential of your residentral rental investment requires a significant amount of time, energy and attention to detail. Our management services are designed to maximize rental income while minimizing the headaches so common to ownership.

We want to make your life easier and your investments more profitable.

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We seek the win/win so that you profit and the tenant wants to stay.

We are here to make the real estate process as streamlined as possible for you as an owner. After all, your success is the foundation of our success.

Our expertise, knowledge and experience is built upon a strong foundation of top specialists in single family and multi-plex management of all sizes.  We have extensive experience in leasing, remodels, rehabilitations, lease-ups, tax credit, tax credit conversions, short & mid-term management – experience our clients rely on to achieve optimal returns.

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Commercial Real Estate Owners Be Free and Make Money at the same time!

You have some great properties and a stable income! But do you really want to manage every little detail? 


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